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Thursday 18th July 2019
We got visitors! DiGiCo and Meyer Sound each wrote a piece about us on the recent Alfie Boe tour.
DiGiCo | DiGiCo Shines On Alfie Boe UK Tour
Meyer Sound | Meyer Sound LEOPARD Holds True to the Versatile Voice of Alfie Boe

Alfie Boe

Monday 22nd April 2019
Alfie Boe
I recently finished a tour mixing monitors for Alfie Boe's solo tour supporting his new album 'As Time Goes By'. The tour mainly comprised of concert halls around the UK ending with one night in the Royal Albert Hall. While it was a stripped back setup compared to the Ball & Boe production, there was still quite a lot going on with a 5-piece rhythm section and 5-piece horn section. Major Tom supplied the audio with a DiGiCo SD7 and Sennheiser 2050 IEMs on stage and a DiGiCo SD10 FOH console with Meyer Sound Leopard PA. The tour continues into Europe and Japan in April/May.

Kim Wilde UK Tour

Wednesday 18th April 2018
Kim Wilde UK Tour
I am currently in the middle of Kim Wilde's first headline UK tour in over 30 years, in my normal position at stage left mixing monitors, with the familiar combination of DiGiCo console (SD10) and Sennheiser IEMs (G3). Myself and the FOH engineer Sean, who is using an SD9, are sharing an SD-Rack. The tour, which runs for the whole of April, is in support of the new 'Here Come The Aliens' album, released in March 2018, which has received a lot of support from BBC Radio 2. There will be more to come this year and next, starting with a German tour in October and a Dutch tour in November 2018.

Level 42 Scandinavian Tour

Wednesday 28th March 2018
Last week, I finished a short tour around Germany and Scandinavia with bass virtuoso Mark King and Level 42. We visited a variety of places including a club in Cologne, an in-the-round concert hall in Copenhagen and an old slaughterhouse in Malmo! The band are all on in-ears and as part of the backline, we carried a DiGiCo SD10-24, Sennheiser 2000 series IEMs and a complete stage package and line system. Even with a drum kit that takes up 19 channels, it still all fit in the bus trailer!

Megan McKenna Club Tour

Wednesday 6th December 2017
Megan McKenna Club Tour
Today I am at the Scala in London, the final date of a mini club tour with Megan McKenna, reality TV star and country music singer. With a 5-piece live band, we are touring a small audio package comprised of DiGiCo SD10 and Sennheiser G3 IEMs, as well as Avid Profile FOH console and Martin Audio PA and of course, the blinged-up vocal radio microphone featuring pink crystals! Judging by the reception we've seen this week, we expect to see much more of her in the future!
YouTube | Behind The Scenes At Scala

Ball & Boe

Tuesday 31st October 2017
I spent this October mixing monitors for Michael Ball & Alfie Boe on their Australian tour. With 20 people on stage all on in-ears, including a 6-piece string section, the show requires constant attention! Local suppliers JPJ Audio supplied a monitor system comprised of DiGiCo SD7 with SD-Rack, Sennheiser 2000-series RF IEMs/Shure P9HW hardwire IEMs and a DiGiCo SD10 at FOH. The tour took in most Australian big cities, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Tom Jones

Friday 5th May 2017
Tom Jones
I have just completed a short stint mixing monitors for Sir Tom Jones and his band. Starting with a few days of rehearsals, the shows consisted mainly of outdoor shows in varied venues such as forests, racecourses, beaches around the UK, as well as a one-off in an arena in Tel Aviv! As long-term audio supplier to Sir Tom, Major Tom supplied a full control system comprising a DiGiCo SD7 and Sennheiser 2000-series IEMs on monitors and Avid Profile at FOH. I also utilised my own RME MADIface USB for virtual soundcheck purposes. All-in-all, it was a very enjoyable few weeks with a superb, professional band.


Monday 24th April 2017
Standing for 'Youth of the Apocalypse', this side project by Jamie Reynolds (Klaxons) and Jeff Wootton (Gorillaz) performed their debut tour last week, culminating in a sold out show at The Hope & Ruin at The Great Escape festival in Brighton. I was bought in as FOH engineer, and with a tour consisting of small clubs around the UK including Moles in Bath, The Kasbah in Coventry and Esquires in Bedford, the tour certainly was challenging from an audio point of view! I love a challenge though, the band had a great time and the new, previously unheard material went down really well!
Instagram | WeAreYOTA


Tuesday 7th March 2017
Through the beginning of 2017, I have been working as FOH engineer for Madden. An upcoming Norwegian artist, his breakthrough single 'Golden Light' has currently clocked up over 80 million streams on Spotify. This week, he played 2 breakthrough shows at by:Larm, performing at both Rockefeller and Sentrum Scene in Oslo. With more shows and new music in the pipeline, this project shows huge potential!

Kim Wilde NL / AU Tour

Friday 18th November 2016
Kim Wilde NL / AU Tour
As her regular monitor mixer, this autumn I yet again joined Kim Wilde on tour in the Netherlands and Australia. While the backline and audio package could be trucked around Netherlands in a 7.5T truck, Australia provided a particular challenge as the itinerary required a lot of flying. Therefore, I cut down the SD8 at monitors to an SD11, utilising an iPad running TouchOSC to provide additional control. With FOH also using an SD11 and sharing a D-Rack, the system worked really well and meant we only had to rely on the venue for PA, stage cabling and mic stands. Everything else flew!
YouTube | KW NL Show Timelapse

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